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“We must all suffer one of two things: the pain of discipline or pain of regret.”

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28 Day Challenge

28 Day Challenge

Join our 28 Day Challenge for only $97 and get full-access to our signature Boot Camp classes. If you want to see what we’re all about then this is your chance to burn fat, have fun, and feel great.

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Certified Trainers

Our personal trainers are certified professionals who will educate, motivate and keep you accountable. If you are new to working out or having trouble staying fit, our trainers will help you along the way. Our goal is to get you exercising regularly and help you obtain the results you want.
  • Testimonial

    Vinny Torre

    About Vinny Torre

    Vincent Torre is the owner, program director of Beautiful Bodies Boot Camp. He is a Crossfit Level 1 (CF-L1) Trainer and Personal Trainer certified by the National Academy for Sports Medicine (NASM). Beautiful Bodies was founded by Bergen County local Vincent Torre, who is also a seasoned Jersey City Firefighter. After his first rescue on the job, Vinny’s passion for helping people was sparked. In his years as a firefighter Vincent quickly learned how being healthy and physically fit was not just a way of life, but a necessary part of his job. He began physically and mentally training his in-house firefighters for triathlons and other sporting events, as well as helping to prepare them for job related tasks.
  • Testimonial

    Michele Collier

    About Michele Collier

    Michele Collier earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from St. Bonaventure University. She is certified by both NASM and ACE as a personal trainer. She has an extensive fitness background which includes program development, one-on-one and small group training, bootcamps and clinical studies for fitness and weight loss products. She is the mother of three children and resides in Ridgewood, NJ.
  • Testimonial

    Joy Gernegliaro

    About Joy Gernegliaro

    I have a background in education and hold both Early Childhood Education and Special Education degrees. After years of teaching and having my own kids, I needed a change of pace. I discovered Beautiful Bodies Boot Camp 6 years ago when Vinny first started it. It not only helped me lose 30 lbs. but completely changed my life. It motivated me to go for my certifications and begin working for Vinny. I have been working at BBBC ever since! It has been an amazing journey watching this grow from a small class to the amazing fitness center it has become, and I am so happy to be a part of it.
  • Testimonial

    Abby Vander Veer

    About Abby Vander Veer

    What got me started in fitness? I have lost 60lbs and 8 dress sizes since my journey began in August 2009. I started my journey just to fit in my wedding for Oct. 31, 2009 and to get out of the category of being obese per my doctor and it has become a complete lifestyle change. I had found a love for Zumba and I started taking that 5-6 times a week. I loved it so much I became a licensed instructor. As I was teaching; I was also going through my transformation.  [···]
  • Testimonial

    Antonella Mckeon

    About Antonella Mckeon

    As a teenager I always struggled with my weight until I was 18 and started to go to the gym. As I started to loose weight I took interest in becoming an instructor. I started my fitness career when I was 20 and been teaching for now for 22 years . As an instructor I love working with members in guiding them and watching them achieve their goals. But most of all I love to make it fun and exciting for them so they make exercise as part of their life and daily routine. I’m certified with the International Fitness Association as an aerobic instructor and personal trainer, step-kickboxing and group exercise. My specialty is kickboxing but I also teach boot camp, body sculpting, Bosu and absolution. I have been with BBBC for 3 years now and love every minute I spend with the members and staff. Being an Instructor is my passion!
  • Testimonial

    Marni Gliklich

    About Marni Gliklich

    Marni graduated from Syracuse University with a degree in Nutrition/Dietetics and is currently on track to become a registered dietitian. As a former competitive gymnast, she has always had a passion for fitness. It was this passion that motivated her to become a NASM certified personal trainer, which she accomplished during her junior year in college. Marni has been a member of Beautiful Bodies Boot Camp for over a year and a half, and is a firm believer in its values and its members. She loves motivating people and helping them reach their goals and potential!
  • Testimonial

    Steve Jankowski

    About Steve Jankowski

    I credit my father for motivating me into exercising. I played sports in high school and always kept an active lifestyle. I’ve wanted to be a firefighter my entire life and I knew I had to be in shape for it. I had never considered being a trainer until I met Vinny of Beautiful Bodies Boot Camp. He inspired me into the coaching side of training. Seeing other people achieve results is something that keeps me motivated to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I hold an IFA certification as well as Training for Warriors Level 1 and 2 certifications.
  • Testimonial

    Marco Garcia

    About Marco Garcia

    Marco has been with BBBC for about 4 years.  He started with Bootcamp classes then ended up changing to the TFW program.   He lost around 85 lbs thanks to the supportive and inspiring trainers and members at BBBC. Now, Marco wants to help others in their fitness goals.  He became personal trainer certified with the National Academy of Sports Medicine.  He is also Training for Warriors Level 1 certified.  His main purpose is to help others help themselves in their fitness and health journeys though coaching, dedication, motivation, and inspiration.    Marco has also completed a Spartan Trifecta and Tough Mudder.
  • Testimonial

    Christina Knapp

    About Christina Knapp

    My passion for fitness goes back to my days in college where I was a competitive rower. Post college I still maintain my competitive edge through half marathons as well as biathlons multiple times a year. Through all this, I’ve utilized the great training method of spin. I like to bring that competitive edge into my classes and motivate people to find it in themselves. It helps brings them closer their fitness goals. Inspiring people through an incredible workout is my goal.
  • Testimonial

    John Annillo

    About John Annillo

    John Annillo has dedicated his entire career to the fitness market. With experience in many different subfields, he brings a wealth of knowledge and positive energy to the Beautiful Bodies Team. He’s worked everywhere from the corporate gym in NYC to the Strength and Conditioning Department at Ohio State University; from helping someone lose over 100 lbs. to helping athletes get to the NFL. John spent the last 4 years traveling the world with Training for Warriors (a program we offer here) certifying trainers and growing it to over 200 locations in 26 Countries and 35 U.S. States. He’s also created:, FitTag (iOS App), and consulted with major fitness companies. His work has been featured in Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness,, and Shape Magazine.
  • Testimonial

    Justin Ross

    About Justin Ross

    Justin comes from an extensive background in film production, marketing and advertising. Having owned a production company for many years specializing in projects for digital and broadcast purposes, he’s had the privilege of building long working relationships with corporate clients such as Estee Lauder, Ford and many major national advertising agencies. He spent 2 years as a Creative Producer for Adweek and the Clio Awards where alongside collaborating with top editors he was able to communicate the brand’s positioning as being the pillar for recognizing top works in advertising around the world. Helping brands and people convey their passions and what they stand for has always been a passion of his. With this experience, coupled with Justin’s longstanding personal dedication to a fit and healthy lifestyle, he channels his expertise in helping Beautiful Bodies Boot Camp be the source for fitness results.
  • Testimonial

    Claudia MacDonald

    About Claudia MacDonald

    Claudia MacDonald has been in the fitness industry for 20 years as aerobics instructor. She is a Certified Group Power® Instructor and a NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) certified personal trainer who utilizes this model to provide clients with individual training sessions.  Her background and formal training in ballet has enabled her to implement exercise programs that promote flexibility and agility as well as total-body strength and conditioning. "Fitness and wellness have always been essential part of my life and I believe that nutrition as well exercise are vital in a healthy lifestyle."
  • Testimonial

    Maggie Walsh

    About Maggie Walsh

    Certifications: Mad Dogg Certified Spinning Instructor; IFA Aerobics Instructor & Personal Trainer As a member of Beautiful Bodies Boot Camp for two years now, Maggie can genuinely say that being part of this family has shaped her personal accomplishments and paved way for her future in fitness. She started falling in love with exercise when she began attending boot camp classes. The BBBC environment changed her mindset about working out, and taught her how to make healthy choices and maintain a healthy body while overcoming challenges with her weight. Through her experiences at BBBC, she developed a passion for fitness and a drive to integrate exercise and wellness into her career goals. Maggie has a strong desire to teach children, adolescents, and adults how to benefit from an active lifestyle. Intertwining her passion to be a professional counselor while incorporating her strong connection to exercise, Maggie volunteers as a coach for a youth empowerment program that instills confidence, teaches positive thinking, and promotes staying healthy. She utilizes the knowledge she has gained through this program in her role as an instructor for the Kids Fit Program at BBBC. In this position it is her goal to teach children how an active lifestyle is healthy, easy, and fun. Spin has always been a passion of Maggie’s. After spinning for seven years she decided to become a certified spin instructor. Maggie brings creativity, challenge, and contagious energy to each class. It is her goal to have members leave her classes feeling strong, sweaty, and with a hunger for more.

Fun filled classes

Our signature workouts are designed to challenge you both mentally and physically in order to obtain your fitness goals and beyond. We work on improving your cardio, burning excess fat, building strength and endurance, all while having fun doing it. These amazing programs are designed for people of all fitness levels and backgrounds. Workouts vary throughout the week so that no one class is ever the same. Come try the total body workout revolution that’s taking over Bergen County.
Strong Body, Strong Mind


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    Beautiful Bodies is a game changer for me. I’ve lost 24.8 lbs and 13% body fat with the guidance of their highly skilled instructors who do more than just motivate. Each instructor is equally committed to their students as they are to the classes they teach.

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    Not only are the classes always changing and challenging, the trainers are friendly and motivating. They know just how to encourage me and push me to get the most out of every exercise and class.

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    As a wife and mother, I focus all of my attention and time on my family but Beautiful Bodies serves as my one hour a day that I get to do something for myself. Any day I walk into BBBC stressed, I always leave feeling accomplished and energized to deal with whatever life throws at me. The mental benefit of working out outweighs the physical benefit.

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