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Grocery shopping can be insanely overwhelming with what seems like 1,000,000 health claims and even more brands to choose from. Most people get into the habit of “blind shopping,” buying the same products each time they go shopping, without thinking. If you fall into this category it’s time to take off the blindfold and discover six new products that are healthier, tastier, and “Marni approved.”

1)Siggi’s yogurt:

Why we love it: Siggi’s is an Icelandic (not greek) style yogurt with simple ingredients and no artificial sweeteners. They also only use milk from farmers who do not use growth hormones. They are delicious and have about 4 grams less sugar and 2 grams more protein than their Greek counterpart.

When compared to the same flavor Chobani, Siggi’s has 20 less calories, 4 grams less sugar, and 2 grams more protein!

How to eat it: Have siggi’s for a healthy breakfast or anytime snack with a handful of unsalted, roasted nuts or chia seeds!


2) The Good Bean Roasted Chickpea snacks

Why we love it: Chickpeas are packed with protein and fiber, making them a perfect snack. They are also naturally gluten free, vegan, nut free, and The Good Bean is non-GMO. They come in tons of fun flavors like chocolate, sweet cinnamon, smoky chili and lime, thai coconut, cracked pepper and mesquite bbq, but the sea salt is my personal favorite. It has only 5 ingredients and is packed with nutrition.

How to eat them: Instead of roasting your own chickpeas and adding your own dry spices, these are a yummy alternative. They are an “anytime snack” that will keep you full and satisfied.


3) Purely Elizabeth

Why we love it: While I am usually against any cereal because they fall under the category of processed carbs, Purely Elizabeth is a different kind of granola. They use grains that are free of refined sugar, such as quinoa, millet, chia, hemp, flax, etc to create a crunchy cereal that is certified USDA organic, gluten free, non GMO and vegan. It is also free of artificial colors, sweeteners, and preservatives, making it a healthy treat. This cereal is more than just processed sugar like some other granola. It contains health benefits with each grain, while giving you that crunchy taste you crave.

How to eat it: Add 1/3 cup to your Siggi’s yogurt or take it on the go to work as a snack!


4) BelGioso Fresh Mozzarella Snacking Cheese

Why we love it: Cheese is one of those foods that is very easy to overeat, considering the serving size is only one ounce! However, cheese can be added into a balanced diet with products like BelGioso snacking cheese. They come in one ounce packages, and at 70 calories each they make for a perfect snack or addition to a meal.  Take the guesswork out of deciding how much cheese you can have with these mini mozzarella snacks.

How to eat it: Add one package of Belgioso snacking cheese to your salad with chicken, cucumbers, and tomatoes or have a package with an apple as an afternoon snack. Another option is to make a pizza ricecake with by adding a tablespoon of tomato sauce and melting BelGioso on top!










5) Kerrygold unsalted Butter

Why we love it: Kerrygold butter is made from milk of grass fed cows that are free of growth hormones. There is only one ingredient; cultured pasteurized cream. Just like grass fed beef is better for healthy, so is the milk that grass fed cows produce. Grass fed butter contains vitamins A and D and the cows that produce kerrygold butter spend 10 months grazing in pastures.

How to eat it: Use kerrygold any way that you would use regular butter!



6) Justin’s Almond Butter Squeeze Packs

Why we love it: Who doesn’t love peanut butter? Like cheese, though, it can be very easy to overeat and it’s also hard to travel with. Justin’s to go packets solve both of these problems! At 190 calories per pack, it contains about 2 tablespoons of almond butter made from dry roasted almonds and palm oil. Best of all, you can pack it for lunch at work or have at home to avoid taking the spoon to the jar!

How to eat it: Enjoy Justin’s squeeze pack with a fresh apple, on a rice cake with ½ of a banana or in a protein smoothie.


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