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When you think about endurance and stamina, you’re probably thinking about cardio activities like cycling or running.  However, that’s only part of the equation. To increase your stamina, you need to improve your strength too. For example, if your build up your leg muscles, you can propel yourself further when you’re running. Added muscle can also help absorb the impact and stress that your joints receive during activities. If you’re looking for hot tips on increasing your stamina, why not try these little known tactics?

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Combine Cardio and Strength

Instead of concentrating on cardio, you should double your efforts and combine strength training in your weekly workout regimen. The more muscles you build while working out, the more of a workout your cardiovascular system will get. Do strength training exercises prior to running. You’ll get the double the workout in less time.

Skip Those Breaks

Most men take breaks when working out. During your strength training and cardio exercises, shorten your breaks or skip a few all-together. Push yourself a little further each time, and you’ll notice that your stamina will increase exponentially.

Keep Up the Pace

Keep up your pace during workouts. By keeping things moving, you’ll improve your endurance and ignite your metabolism. Use caution with this tactic; if you overdo things you could cause your metabolism to decrease. It’s important to keep up your pace, but also give yourself time to recover.

Choose Compound Movements

When you do focus on strength training, do compound movements instead of focusing on exercising that use only one joint. Isolated exercises like curls and leg lifts won’t ignite your metabolism or increase your stamina.

Routine is Public Enemy #1

You should periodically switch up your routine. This is essential for building strength and increasing your stamina. Your body will become accustomed to any workout you participate in within two weeks. If your always biking or you’re always running, change things up. You’ll avoid boredom and stay motivated.

Use All Your Muscles

The more muscles that you can get involved in your workouts, the more your heart muscles will be stimulated. This will result in your stamina being increased. Jumping pull-ups and squats with an added overhead press are exercises that require two separate movements. These types of exercises are will help you get closer to achieving a total body workout.

Exploit Explosive Movements

You’ll find that exercises with explosive movements are more likely to challenge your strength levels, stamina, and endurance simultaneously. By adding these explosive movements to your workout, you’ll discover that you start moving faster. This will happen in a relatively short period of time. Box jumps, power push-ups, and jumping knee tucks are great examples of exercises that use explosive movements.

Waiting for a workout regimen to pay off can be trying. If you keep things moving and your routine exciting, you’ll discover that you can increase your stamina in a short period of time. Include these tips in your workouts, and you should start noticing big changes in just a few short weeks.  If you are looking for a personal trainer in New Jersey, Give us a Call! We can help.

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