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Boost Your Energy Naturally

Between racing to activities with your family, working all day, and not getting enough sleep, chances are that you are tired! You may find that getting out of bed in the mornings is a chore, and it shouldn’t be. Perhaps the afternoons are the worst for you, and each afternoon meets you with a wave of exhaustion, or maybe you are one of those people who can do nothing except crash on the couch and watch TV at night. Regardless of your energy loss timeframe, there are some simple, natural ways that you can boost your energy naturally.


Eat the Right Foods For Natural Boost

It’s true that cookies may make you feel more energetic for a few minutes, but the crash makes it all worse. Energy drinks and other caffeine-laden beverages provide the same short-term benefit; plus there are questions about their safety. Instead, seek to fill your diet with whole foods. The basic rule of thumb is that a food’s benefit in the diet is directly proportionate to how close it is to its natural state. Fruits and vegetables obviously are the best sources of a healthy diet, but lean proteins and whole grains help, too.

In particular for energy boosters, seek out omega-3 and magnesium that occur naturally in foods. Supplements are acceptable, but the real thing is best. Omega-3 is found most commonly in salmon, but vegetarians can look to certain oils, including flaxseed and soybean, as well as spinach, kale, and mint for enough of this vital nutrient. Magnesium is found in large amounts in certain nuts, especially walnuts and almonds. Like other nutrients, it also is available in abundant supply in leafy green vegetables.

Get up and Move For Energy!

When the afternoon slump hits, don’t just give in! Even if you know not to hit up the vending machine, you likely still reach for something to eat. Sure, nuts are healthy fats, and fruit will give your blood sugar a boost, but what your body needs is to get moving on its own. If you have somewhere you can do jumping jacks, do a set of 25. If you’re like most people and are in an office environment, take a 5-minute power walk instead. Smokers get smoke breaks; you can take an energy booster break. You’ll be surprised at how much a brief but speedy walk can boost your energy naturally.

Snooze Away…But Avoid the Snooze Button.

Getting enough sleep seems an obvious way to feel more energetic, but most of us don’t do it. Instead we stay up too late catching a television show or trying to get “one more thing” done. Although it sounds counter intuitive stop what you’re doing and go to bed. A minimum of seven hours per night will help you feel your best. Also avoid hitting the snooze on the alarm or taking your time getting out of bed. Hopping up quickly will get your body and mind going and help you to avoid a slow start to the morning.


Mild dehydration causes fatigue. Make sure that you drink a sufficient amount of water. To tell if you’re getting enough, take note of whether you get thirsty often. Thirst is the first sign that your body needs more fluids, and people who get enough water routinely rarely feel thirsty (except during exercise). Keep water available throughout the day and make it a point to drink water with meals.

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