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We all know that feeling of dragging into work after a long night of tossing and turning only to come face to face with that one annoyingly cheerful co-worker who will loudly exclaim that we look so tired! Not a great way to start the day!  If this is happening to you more times than you care to admit, then here are some helpful tips to help you get a great night’s sleep every night

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Position Your Bed

First, make sure that both your bed and your bedroom are conducive to sleep.  This may seem obvious, but we tend to ignore improving our sleeping areas, because we are “only sleeping”.  Starting with the bed, which should be large enough to comfortably accommodate not only you, but your partner, if any, plus any assorted pets or children that may find wander into your bed in the dead of night.  Fresh, cozy bedding is another necessity.  We all know how much we enjoy getting into bed when the linens smell like sunshine and fresh air. Our bedrooms can become the place to put things we intend to deal with later, because we can close the door on them and not have to see them during the day.  This clutter invites stress into our lives and keeps us awake, so to enjoy quality, stress-free sleep the bedroom should be a quiet and clutter free zone.

Set a Sleeping Schedule to Improve Sleep

Now that the bed and the bedroom are squared away, it is time to look more closely at you.  Establishing and sticking with a schedule allows your body to learn when to prepare for sleep, helping you to drift off easily and stay asleep throughout the night.  Night shift workers have to sleep during normal waking hours, so they train themselves to sleep during the day by establishing a schedule to teach their bodies when to sleep.  A warm bath or shower, dimming the lights, closing the drapes, and engaging in quiet activities such as reading or listening to soft music can help our bodies learn to shut down and allow us the restful sleep we need.

Pay Attention to What You Eat and Drink

Another area that we sometimes overlook is paying attention to what we eat and drink.   Beverages such as coffee,tea and soda can have a mild to major effect on most people so it only makes sense to restrict those types of drinks to earlier times in the day, like breakfast and lunch.  Certain spicy or unfamiliar foods can affect our sleep patterns also, and keep us from dozing off easily.  Many people make the mistake of eating spicy snacks and sipping large drinks throughout the evening, which often means waking up during the night to visit the bathroom.  Alcoholic drinks are another problem for inducing sleep.  Even though they make you feel drowsy, this effect almost always wears off during the night and results in waking up when you should be sleeping.

Our bodies are truly wondrous machines and need regular activity to keep the systems of the body operating in peak condition.  It is widely accepted that people who engage in periods of regular activity, even something as low impact as walking the dog around the block a few times, report less stress and fewer sleep problems than less active people.   Everyone has a sleepless night sometimes, but if it is becoming a problem in your life then these tips be just what you need to help you get back on track.

Sleep Well!

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