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If you are serious about getting lean in 2013 to drop weight and look great, you are going to want to pay attention to these tips. Getting lean is easy when you know what to do! The key is staying consistent and not allowing laziness to creep back in after you have started!

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1) Eat a Meal Once Every 3-4 Hours

When you consume food once every 3-4 hours, it keeps your metabolism humming, and provides your body with enough nutrients and calories to help you get through the day. It also helps your blood sugar stay stable as long as you eat lean proteins and whole grain carbohydrates every meal.

Also, as you do your weekly morning bootcamp workouts, you want to make sure that your body has enough fuel to expend during the intensely fun workouts!

2) Snack Smartly

If you need something in-between one of your meals, reach for a snack that is healthy for you, and won’t throw your eating off for the entire rest of the day. Some of the best snack combinations are celery and carrots, small handful of trailmix (no M&M’s), or some cottage cheese and a piece of fruit.

3) Workout at Least 3x Per Week

Whether you decide to workout on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, or Wednesday, Friday and Sunday…pick a routine that works for you. The best part about dedicating yourself to a bootcamp every week is that sessions typically happen in the morning before work, and it is really fun!

4) Interval Training

No matter how many workouts you do per week, always make sure you are focusing the majority of your effort on doing interval-training sets vs. long steady state cardio sets. Interval training has been clinically shown to help you burn more calories, and send your body into the “afterburn” zone. The afterburn zone is when your body continues to burn calories after the workout is over!

5) Accountability Buddy

To help you reach your “get lean” goals in 2013, find a friend who is committed to the same thing you are and spend time on a daily or weekly basis holding each other accountable. It is amazing how effectively powerful this is because it forces you to stay committed. Nothing is worse than looking bad in front of a friend by not staying true to your word!

6) Stretching

Make sure before every workout you do that you spend the necessary amount of time to stretch and warm up your body. Getting hurt is a major detriment to your “get lean” plan, because it won’t allow you to push yourself as hard as you could if you were 100%. An easy way to get warm is to do a five minute jog before you exercise, and then spend 10-15 minutes stretching all of the major muscles in your body that you know are going to be pushed during your workout!

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