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Motivate for Boot Camp in NJHave you ever rolled out of bed in the morning and said to yourself, “I know I need to go to boot camp today, but I have absolutely no motivation at all!”

If this happens to you often, below is a list of ways you can easily overcome this challenge we all face.

1) Use Music in The Morning To Pump You Up for Boot Camp

In the morning, one of the best ways to get energized for the day is to turn on some music that you know will get you motivated for boot camp. The song you choose will be different, depending on what type of music pumps you up.

By conditioning your mind to connect a song to working out every single day, and/or every other day, you will be more motivated to take consistent action on a weekly basis to help you reach your body transformation goal.

2) Get Your Things Ready Before You Go To Sleep

It has been shown that by getting your things set up before you go to sleep (shoes, shocks, workout clothes etc.) will help you stick to your morning workout routine much easier.

By making the effort each night to prime your brain putting out your clothes and gear, you are more likely to close the loop and follow through the next day because you have already committed to working out setting things up beforehand.

You will find that when you wake up, you will look forward to doing the workout because you have already accomplished some of the steps to starting the workout!

As we all know the hardest part is getting started!

3) Have an Accountability Buddy

Another great tip to staying committed when going after an ideal body transformation goal is to take the journey with an accountability buddy.

The best way to work it out with your friend is to update each other once per week and/or after every workout so you can monitor each other’s progress.

You will be surprised how driven this will make you when you decide to make a commitment to someone. The last thing you want to do is look bad in front of your friend for not following through!

Once you both hit your goal, be sure to celebrate too!

4) Look at Your Body Transformation Goals Every Day

Aside from waking up in the morning with music, another thing you can add to that routine is to take a look at your body transformation goals.

Pull out your list of things you want to accomplish with your body, and also look at pictures of people who you want to look like.

If what you look like right now, is not even close to where you want to be, it should kick you into gear to take action on the workout that day!

5) Get on the Scale Once Per Week

As you are on the journey to achieving your body transformation goal, making sure you keep track of your weight is essential. Be sure to weigh yourself at least once per week, so you can keep track of how fast you are losing body fat and gaining muscle.

As you notice the numbers decreasing, and see your body changing over time, it will continually give you more motivation to achieve your body transformation goal!

Nothing is more motivating than seeing your weight decrease over time, but keep in mind that the number on the scale can be deceiving depending on what your body fat percentage is. We will talk more about that in another future post!

Work hard and never quit and see you at Boot Camp!

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